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software product design + delivery

You have real business problems to solve

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We work with you to realize the business value you need by defining, designing and delivering software products.

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Whether you are creating your first product, scaling to the next level, or need to modernize or add capability to legacy apps, we can help.

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Our leadership brings extensive experience as senior executives in both Fortune 500 companies and VC-funded startups to advise you on how to accelerate time to market.


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Photo of Drew McManus

Drew McManus
ceo + co-founder

Having spent his career leading teams of product managers, designers, software engineers and data scientists, Drew is a recognized expert in Lean, User-Centered Design, Extreme Programming, and agile approaches. He is responsible for bringing countless products to market and has led teams who defined, designed, and built software in every category—from consumer mobile apps to mission-critical enterprise systems for large global corporations. Prior to senior executive leadership roles at Pivotal Labs and VMware, Drew was the principal and founder of Road 3, a technology strategy consultancy, and was Director of Product Management at Adobe Systems.

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Photo of Melissa Dyrdahl

melissa dyrdahl

With decades of executive success in the technology and healthcare sectors, Melissa brings a wealth of leadership experience to 33 Teams. She has been CEO of a venture-backed startup focused on transforming healthcare for women, was Chief Marketing Officer at Adobe Systems, and founded a company that was an early pioneer in online charitable fundraising. She was also part of the executive team at Pivotal Labs through a period of tremendous global expansion. She has been a board member and advisor to numerous startups and has served on the board of a number of nonprofits. Most recently, Melissa was a Fellow at Stanford's Distinguished Careers Institute.

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We Know How to Deliver

We've built software in every category—from consumer mobile apps to mission-critical enterprise systems for the largest financial services companies in the world. And everything in between.

Whether you need to create your first product, scale existing applications to the next level, or modernize or add capability to legacy apps, we have the experience that will help you get there quickly.

We Believe in Balanced Teams

Our diverse teams of software professionals—product managers, product designers, software developers, and data scientists—work together with your team to achieve tangible results. We use a modern approach to software—a blend of Lean, Agile, User-Centered Design, and Extreme Programming. We embrace our values of Flexibility, Accountability, Trust, and Respect, and collaborate with you to get everyone focused on the right outcomes.

Experienced Founders Bring Knowledge and Insight

We’ve been in the C-suite. We’ve been entrepreneurs. We’ve led multi-million and multi-billion dollar businesses and we’ve successfully built mission critical software applications in many industries. We can provide the expert advice and skills you need to solve meaningful business problems.


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Photo of Elisabeth Hendrickson

elisabeth hendrickson

Elisabeth Hendrickson is an experienced technology executive with proven track record for growing leadership teams. She has been successful in shaping cultures to build leading-edge products at a sustainable pace. She has led teams of all sizes, founded companies as an entrepreneur, and been an executive at publicly-traded technology companies. She's a sought-after expert, especially in the area of software quality.

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Photo of Rich Melnicoff

rich melnicoff

Rich Melnicoff is a management consultant focused on strategy development, top line growth and operations improvements. Rich has completed business strategy and IT strategy projects for a wide range of clients such as Microsoft, Cisco, Infineon, Pivotal Labs (now VMware), GlaxoWellcome, Mavenlink, and Siemens. Rich earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He was awarded two US patents for his work in new analytical techniques.

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